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A post to say thank you.

Jason Edmunds
2 min readJun 26, 2022


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I’m on a week’s holiday in the UK spending time with family and friends. I noticed this morning that I reached 1000 followers. I’m elated.

When I started my Medium journey nearly 4 months ago I saw writers with 1000 followers and more. It looked like a difficult target to meet way in the distant future. I didn’t think it was going to happen because I did not believe that I was a writer due to comments from others around me.

The initial aim was to have 100 followers on Medium to join the Medium Partnership Program. The idea that I would monetize my stories/poems and earn money when people read my stories was a foreign concept.

I write stories because I enjoy the writing process and it has been therapeutic for me. My first paycheck as an MPP member was an added bonus. Hey, it even covered my Medium membership fee. A bonus indeed!

To all my followers, email subscribers, readers, and people highlighting my stories thank you for your support and interest in my stories. I appreciate your engagement with my stories tremendously.

A big shout and “thank you,” to Indigo for her hard work organizing the “Read for Read Club,” and to Alain Polo for the 60-Day Writing Challenge. Both the R4R Club and 60DWC are great initiatives. Thanks to all the 60DWC members tagged below for your engagement with my stories.

Harry, my teddy bear also says thanks for reading his stories and supporting his dad Jay. He has been very quiet lately. He says he has, “a teddy beary block,” whatever that means.

Harry the Bear Stories

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This story is inspired by A-Word-A-Day prompts for June 2022, day 13 (Monetize) published in Promptly Written. Thanks, Christine Graves.

This is story 22/60 of the 60-day writing challenge inspired by Alain Polo. I might take a week out from the writing challenge.

A shoutout to RWC members:
Elvie | ️ Brendan | Mona | Gustavo | Ellie | Cristina | Meredith | Catherine | Jennifer | Carmellita| Divyata Dewan|

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