Classic Chic

Is it my lucky day? — A free verse poem

Jason Edmunds
1 min readJun 3, 2022
Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels (cropped)

I saw you enter the train dashing drizzling rain
in a classic chic black and white designer dress
a floppy shiny hat with a wide black silky sash
standing out from the crowd.

Oozing confidence and charm, a brimming smile
chocolate brown eyes with caramel smiling specs
swirls of Coco Chanel roses tease-tickling my nose
swish swooshing closer.

“Bonjour,” soft soothing warm whispers floating.
Neck hairs crawling coming affectionately alive
“Hallo,” stuttering sounds leaving lips confused.
“You dropped your wallet, sir.”

Mademoiselle Chic coquettishly swooshing away
sashaying saintly smiling suavely down the aisle.

The story’s theme was inspired by A-Word-A-Day prompts for June 2022, Day 3 (Classic). Thanks, Christine Graves and Ravyne Hawke.

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