Embracing a Busy Schedule As I Start A New Career

A heads up for transparency purposes that my online visibility will be reduced a bit.

Jason Edmunds
2 min readAug 30


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I would like to share exciting news with my Medium followers, readers, and online friends. As of the 1st of September 2023 I will embark on a new and challenging professional journey which will keep me very busy.

I’m thrilled about this new opportunity as a full-time teacher after being unemployed for a year. As many of you know, maintaining an active online presence is important to all of us.

My journey on Medium allowed me to connect with incredible individuals like yourselves via our stories and poems. My new job will require a lot of my time and energy in developing a curriculum for 3 subjects and teaching three different middle school year groups.

I wanted to be transparent and let you all know that my online presence may not be as frequent as before. It is not a reflection of any change in our connection or my appreciation for the amazing stories and poems I read here on Medium.

I will make every effort to visit stories whenever I can steal a moment away from my hectic new schedule. Your stories, poems, kindness, positivity, and kindness always bring me a lot of joy.

I will continue to post submission stories for The Poetry Club and A Taste for Life publications. I will endeavor to post them within 48 hours after they have been submitted. A Taste for Life’s weekly prompts will go out as normal on Mondays.

Reading lists for The Engagement and Poetry Club will continue to be posted as usual on Saturdays and Wednesdays, respectively.

The biggest change would most likely be that I will not post stories and poems as regularly as before. However, I have a couple in my draft folder that need a bit of love and attention.

While it may take some time for me to find a new rhythm that allows for more regular engagement, please know that I am not leaving Medium. I cherish the memories we’ve made together and eagerly look forward to catching up with each one of you whenever possible.

I am working on a balanced schedule to dedicate time to my new career, writing, reading, and engaging with your stories.

Let’s continue to share our journeys, celebrate our victories, and provide comfort during challenging times — just as we always have.

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