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Engagement Club Reading List #68

3 December 2023.

Jason Edmunds
4 min readDec 3, 2023


Image by Paul Stachowiak from Pixabay

Share one of your stories in exchange for reading all stories on our weekly Engagement Club reading list.

Information on how to participate is posted at the end of this story for your information.

Please note: The maximum length of a story should be between 1 and 6 minutes in reading length.

Reading list expectations for Engagement Club participants

Please read, or listen to, all the stories until the end. Engage with the authors by clapping, highlighting, and leaving a comment.

If you already read the story shared in this list, please visit the writer’s profile and choose an alternative story to read.

Reading list stories:

A. Alexander (Alex):
“She hissed and came at me full force! It is a good thing I have quick reflexes. I stood up and turned my back to her. I slowly and silently walked away. I think you get them madder if you run away, screaming as if a real velociraptor is chasing after you.”



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