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Five Life Lessons I Learned From My Mom

Timeless pearls of wisdom about living a joyful life, how to treat other people, and eating a balanced meal.

Jason Edmunds
6 min readMay 8, 2022
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In this article, I’m going to share five life lessons with you that I learned from my mom. Her pearls of wisdom made a difference in my life.

My mom was a kind soul and a very humble person. Her passions were gardening and tending to her beloved chickens and cattle on our small farm. She loved to connect with nature.

As a gentle person, mom refused to conform to other people’s expectations of her. She lived her life the way she preferred, a plain and simple life where her family meant everything to her.

When I overstepped the line, which I frequently did, she would sit me down. “Jay,” she would say, “it’s time for a chat.” She would look into my eyes and smile sweetly.

I feared these chats more than a good old caning. In hindsight, they were constructive criticism containing precious life lessons that helped to form my personality and outlook on life.

I’ll start with her words of wisdom on how to enjoy life as my number 1 pearl.

#1 Enjoy whatever you do and things will fall into place

As a young lad, I had my little chores to do on the farm. Some I liked. Some I despised, and some I did not have the knack for. When I was struggling to milk a cow or prune the trees according to mom’s instructions. She was there to give advice and wisdom.

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Over the years, I learned from my mom that whatever you do in life you need to enjoy it like a small child. Once you do, your tasks and labors become easier. You want to do it!

Passion takes over and you are more successful than worrying about messing it up.

Whenever my drama kids were nervous before a drama competition I shared my mom’s wisdom with them. “Just enjoy it. Have fun,” I would say. It relaxed them as there were no expectations from me for them to do well other than to…



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