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My Body Is Complaining Today!

But, it’s a happy, and positive achy feeling.

Jason Edmunds
2 min readApr 26, 2022


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

I woke up this morning in a body that does not belong to me. There were unfamiliar aches and pains. My butt, knees, and lower back were complaining stiffly.

“You abused us,” they shouted creakingly and accusingly.

Yesterday, I went for my usual 5-kilometer walk. I walked past an athletics track and saw 2 people running around the track. I decided to join them but do a cardio ‘walkout’ instead. I can’t run anymore.

I played squash and did high-impact aerobics in my yesteryears which were not too kind to my old knees. My cardio walkout involves walking around the track at different speeds (interval training).

After 5 circles around the 400-meter track, I walked up and down the pavilion stairs for about 5 minutes at a fast pace. I followed it up with a couple of inclined push-ups and cool-down stretches.

I was knackered and ordered a cold drink from the cafeteria. Sprawled on a chair, I relaxed in the sun for a good 30 minutes. I still had to walk 2 kilometers back home.

It’s no wonder my body is screaming abuse today, but I’m not complaining. The stiffness in my muscles is a nice feeling. The feeling you get when you know you did something positive to help your body become more healthy.

The kind of feeling you wanna share with the world — because you’re happy, and proud of yourself at the same time.

Below is a link to a story I wrote in February 2022. It details how you can turn your love for walking into a cardio walkout.

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