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Stories I read recently that left an impression on my mind

Jason Edmunds
4 min readJun 21, 2022
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I love reading. My passion for reading started when I attended school way back in primary school. When I read a book I am transported back to my childhood and my inner child blossoms.

I read a great selection of stories on Medium over the last couple of weeks. Stories that left an impression on me and sparked a reaction. Feelings of awe, happiness, and an appreciation for human creativity.

I am sharing some of these stories with you in appreciation and gratitude for the lessons I learned and the takeaway moments I had with them. I trust you will enjoy them too.

I will not give you a personal introduction to each story mentioned below. I’m leaving it to you to form your own impressions and takeaways from each story you decide to read.

Stories are listed alphabetically using the first letter of the writer’s username.

Alain Polo: Running Out of Time?

“Time is the most valuable commodity we possess. Many people take it for granted, until they find themselves without it.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by time and its rapid disappearance, consider implementing some of these ideas to re-evaluate your life.”

Benighted: The Volcano

The world around me was burning,
And an eagle flew away like a forlorn warning

Brendan - Coaching Apprentice: Exercise and Wellbeing:

“Exercise is like nothing else. It is good for our body and mind! I know all of this, and yet I constantly find myself battling with the notion of exercise.”



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