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Rubble and Scars

Chip away at the knotted, twisted life scars to find your hidden gems.

Jason Edmunds
1 min readJul 30, 2022


Image by StockSnap from Pixabay (cropped by author)

Tons of rubble,
inside my chest.
Festering toxic dump,
— clawing at my heart.

Years of gathering.
Broken relationships.
Sunken shipwrecks,
carrying a loaded load.

Badass decisions,
hurtful word-knifes;
negative perceptions,
— painful memories…

Blunt-sharp serrated
deeply-twisted, scars
lying tightly together.
Crawling creepy crawlies.

are the shining star memories?

under parasites,
feasting for far too long?

Time to let go and set them free?

chisel — screeching-scraping,
chipping at the rubble scars.

Easy — it’s not!
An ebb and flow of pain waves,
a twirling tsunami of emotions escalating.

chisel, scrape.
Set them free-floating,
a hazy disappearing mist.

gleaming gems,
buried under rubble and scars.

a shining star,
a glittering castle — you!

This poem is inspired by A Taste for Life’s Weekend prompt #21, Word prompt 1 “Obstacle”

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