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Sun Palette

A real-time mini poem recorded in the vineyard.

Jason Edmunds
1 min readApr 15, 2022


Photo by the author

When I walked around in the vineyard this morning the yellow flowers dancing vibrantly in the wind whispered to me. It soothed my brain.

A mini poem started to weave itself in my mind. I decided to record the poem in real-time (life) by doing a voice-over. I am sure I will not make money as a voice artist. This is an experiment in its raw form.

Sun Palette:
Nature’s yellow energy sun palette
swaying gently in the breeze,
resurrect my brain;
— decluttering me.

Here is a video of the mini poem experiment in the vineyard. No changes were made to the wording. I added the text to the video at home.

Your feedback positive or negative is welcome as part of my learning journey.

This poem was inspired by my walk in the vineyard and A-Word-A-Day prompts for April 2022 — Day 17 (Resurrect) published in Promptly Written. Thanks, Christine.



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